Singular IT, LLC


"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

- William Gibson

About Singular IT, LLC:

Chad Perrin founded Singular IT, LLC in Fort Collins, Colorado with the mission of helping innovators and entrepreneurs adopt a forward-looking approach to their business endeavors. All too often, professionals spend most of their time treading water when they should be advancing their careers, their business models, and the state of the art. Success should be measured not in solving the same problem over and over again, but in solving it permanently so that new challenges can be undertaken.

That is the goal for Singular IT, LLC: to help develop permanent solutions, freeing up resources to work on improvements. As Chad often puts it, it is the job of the true professional to work toward the day when his current profession is obsolete, all of its challenges having been met. That is what Singular IT, LLC wants to do for you — help you meet all of your challenges, to solve all of your problems, so that what you need tomorrow is not more of the same thing you needed today. Rather than expend resources maintaining your position, you should be able to move forward.

While Singular IT, LLC is a small company in northern Colorado, it is also a remote support consultancy. Most services can be provided with equal value from thousands of miles away. For those in northern Colorado in general, and the Fort Collins area in particular, face-to-face meetings are readily available and encouraged for those who prefer a personal touch to the relationship.

About Chad Perrin:

Among other roles, Chad Perrin has worked as a consultant, both independently and for small consultancies; the network administrator for a government contractor; a prolific contributing writer for a major tech industry publication on the subjects of open source, security, and software development; and the first datacenter technician for the WikiMedia Foundation, the organization that brings us Wikipedia. The wide range of skills developed in these pursuits, as well as participation in open source projects, advocacy organizations, military service, and private physical security, form the basis of Singular IT, LLC's expertise and service offerings.

Chad is an avid reader, a bassist, a motorcyclist, and a writer both professionally and for his own enjoyment. He thinks a day is not wasted if he learned something valuable, enjoys programming both for fun and for profit, and owns far too many computers. He considers his relationships, health, and integrity his most valuable possessions, but he will not give up his toys easily, either. He wants to help make the world a better place, have fun doing it, and make a living in the process. What more could one person ask?

About The Name:

The first part of this is easy. "Singular" means individual, unique, and remarkable. "IT" is an initialism that means Information Technology, referring to the technologies of digital computers, related fields, and the people who develop these technologies and orient them to useful purposes. The deeper meaning of the name takes a little more explanation.

An increasing number of scholars, scientists, and technologists have begun tracking and measuring the rate of technological advancement in the world; many have noted that it has accelerated consistently for a very long time, and contributes to a world that changes more rapidly every day. They theorize about the long-term effects of this accelerating advancement, where every improvement in the state of the art serves as an enabler for many more to come. Coupled with the consumerization of some of the most advanced technologies ever conceived placing computing systems on the desks, in the hands, and in the pockets of adults and children, often for far less than a month's pay, we are seeing a new renaissance where just about everyone can participate as a productive contributor to the development of the future.

Among emerging predictions about that future, trends that have continued for generations suggest that by the mid-2040s a thousand dollars will buy computing power equivalent to that provided by the sum of all human brains combined. The capabilities of technologists in this future, whether working in corporate technology labs or their own living rooms and home offices, will be greatly enhanced by the implications of this kind of access to information technologies. That access will provide the facilities for modeling, rapid calculation, testing, and innovation on a scale and at a rate never seen before. Some theorize that this will lead to a dramatic shift in the course of human development, where no one can truly foresee what incredible results will arise, and that the rate of change may be so significant and its sources so widely distributed that Everything Changes. This theoretical inflection point has been dubbed the Technological Singularity.

The basic principles behind these theories revolve around the development of more automated and efficient ways of doing things, so that any lengthy, tedious, or uninteresting work that can be automated gets dealt with by technology rather than by human labor, freeing people's time to pursue bigger and better things, and so that new ways of doing things create new opportunities for achieving something new and important by enabling capabilities we have never had before. Being able to fly around the world over a course measured in hours rather than years is an incredible change, but interactive communication, essentially in "real time", with anyone in the world, is a far more amazing and powerful addition to the pool of resources at our disposal. Who would have thought a few centuries ago that improved ability to interrupt each other would represent such a major advancement in human development?

The term "Singular IT" is meant to capture the essence of these principles of advancement in a modest pun. Regardless of whether the theories of these scholars, scientists, and technologists come to fruition as a new era in the development of the human race or not, Singular IT, LLC aims to apply these principles of accelerating advancement to the benefit of its clients, helping them individually achieve great things, and contribute to a world where great achievements are increasingly the norm.